С наступающим Новым Годом, подводим итоги прошедшего года.

Happy New Year! Summing up the past year.

Ester Holdings Inc. worked for the successful earnings of our clients in the international financial marketsin the outgoing 2018. During 2018, Ester Holdings Internet portal covered, analyzed and explained the situations in the global financial market, thus giving our clients the opportunity to get a good result.

As a result, Ester Holdings portal has taken several advanced places for issuing!

  • Forex experts opinions rightly holds the first position in the Internet. It is due to the relevance and versatility of information of the data, which include the analysis of currency and cryptocurrency pairs, statistics of advanced economies of the world and fundamental events that affect the international financial world. Thus, Ester Holdings for 2018 published more than 3,400 unique forex experts opinions.
  • The category of technical analysis of the forex provides an up-to-date technical picture of the main currency pairs and cross rates throughout the year. In 2018, this section was supplemented with categories of technical analysis of oil brands: BRENT and WTI, and metals: gold and silver, which were supplemented with interactive charts that allow you to follow the dynamics of quotations.
  • Trade signals from Ester Holdings Inc. occupy the first place among the free trading signals in the Internet and rightfully deserve the title of the best. The history of more than 270 transactions, given in the archive of trading signals for the outgoing year, confirms the effectiveness of analytics and signals from Ester Holdings Inc.
  • The blog of a successful forex trader for 2018 published more than 120 articles that carry both educational and applied nature for earnings in the foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and commodity markets. In this blog, each reader can emphasize for himself something useful for practical use in trading and understanding the processes occurring in the financial markets and the ability to use this knowledge in transactions.
  • Investment ideas are a unique opportunity to make money on the shares of international companies – it’s better to see and try once. The result for investment ideas you can see here.

The company offers its clients unique financial products for traders, for investors, for clients with different financial capacities!

Ester Holdings is thanked its customers and their families for the expression of confidence and wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, wishing you a productive and profitable 2019!

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