Module «Adaptive»

Course description

Module «Adaptive» – theoretical module( 80% of theory), which helps you to understand basic concepts of trading, necessary for efficient trading. Specific emphasis is put on studying Technical Analysis in this module. More attention is given to the detailed elaboration of the Trading plan and selecting optimal for you Operating Trading strategy. According to the results of course you will get qualification of a financial advisor

Procedure for conduct

  • Type lessons (of any module): Full Or online form (at the Choice)
  • Class times (any module): at any time convenient for you (agreed with the teacher)
  • At the end of training, all students receive a Certificate

Course cost

1700 $

980 $

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    1. Introduction: Financial markets. Stock trading.
    2. Fundamental analysis.
    3. Technical analysis.
    4. Trading strategy. Formulation phases.
    5. Trading terminal, types of orders.
    6. Trend lines.
    7. Models of continuation of trend.
    8. Models of trend reversal.
    9. Trading in trend direction. Advantages and results of strategy.
    10. Popular technical indicators.
    11. Ready-made trading system – turn-key business. Part 1.
    12. Trading system. Part 2.
    13. Fundamental analysis. Economic calendar.
    14. Trading plan.
    15. Business approach – goals setting. Business plan.
      Cash Flow – Financial well-being.
    16. Trading as business. Advantages and opportunities of trading.
    17. Money management: Management of capital/Reinvestment
    18. Psychology of trading.
    19. Trading tactics.
    20. Factors influencing currency. Effect of cross rates.
    21. Return on equity of operations on the international financial markets.
    22. Juridical laws of trading.
    23. Participants of stock trading. Selection of a broker.
    24. Final Testing.
    25. Business lunch with Expert.
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