About company

The International financial holding Ester Holdings Inc. — is a stable company highly efficient management.

Company Ester, opened for everything new, is a leader in forming and supporting high standards of work for all financial market.
Our peculiarity — profitable trading conditions, high quality of servicing and legal security.

In the first place company puts successful activity of its customers. It is the main criteria of our success.
Mission of the company Ester — to provide its customers with knowledge and advisory services which guarantee them welfare. We are the universal financial company, which supports high quality of our work on a stable base.


Business-model of the company is built on transparent and trusting relationships with a client.

  • The company receives quotes on ECN-platforms from the leading banks-suppliers of liquidity and from the best prices forms quotes currents for customers.
  • As a result of customer’s order the prices of that supplier of liquidity are executed, who offers at the present moment the best price of purchase or sale.
  • In the trading terminal a customer can see and trade at the best prices bid and ask by each financial tool.
  • Our Prime Broker makes clearing (mutual recognition of liabilities) between the Company and banks-suppliers of liquidity.

Activity area

  • Providing access to the customers to conduct trading operations with foreign currencies and other financial tools through Internet.
  • Informational and analytical services.
  • Consultations on issues of management of investors assets and investment activity.
  • Qualified trading training.