Data Protection Guidelines

Policy of non-disclosure of personal information of our clients

Company Ester Holdings Ltd. pays great attention to the protection and non-disclosure of the personal data of its clients, as well financial information connected with them. We use advanced security technologies, thereby increasing confidentiality of the information received. This enables the company’s client with high reliability by working with our financial tools. Personal data of our clients as well as contact information are mentioned directly by application for opening an account or participation in other programs (actions, bonuses, contests etc.). The received data we use exclusively for contacting the client, we don’t disclosure them to the third parties, if this is not required additionally by legislation. And in some other cases described below.

  • The Company can submit data to the agents or the third parties, who act on the base of the agreement with the company in case if it is required to fulfill the obligations before the client, which are executed by the partners.
  • The Company can use technology «cookies», which doesn’t include any confidential information and is not submitted to the third parties.
  • Information about ip-address of the client is not used for person identification, but can be received and stored by the company.
  • If the data was presented by the client on the company’s site in generally accessible form, and the company doesn’t bear any responsibility for them.
  • In case of voluntary transfer by the client his contact data, login or password to the third parties, the company doesn’t bear any responsibility.

Company Ester Holdings Ltd. uses received contact data with the purpose to fulfill its obligations before the client, as well for valuation and analysis of its activity and operation of the site, to identify the winners and participants of the campaigns and contests held by the company. Company Ester Holdings Ltd., using personal data, legally obtained, has right to send to the client posts of advertising-informational character.