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Japanese market at a 33-year high

The Nikkei index has risen to 30,808.35 points, surpassing the level of August 1990. This was largely influenced by the progress on Wall Street the day before and the strong performance of technology company stocks, as well as optimism regarding a positive resolution to the US debt ceiling issue.

Japanese market at a 33-year high

Акции Netflix выросли на 10% на буме нового плана подписки

The Netflix platform has developed a new subscription plan based on advertising, which has helped increase its number of active users to 5 million.

Since the beginning of the year, the number of subscribers to advertising has more than doubled, leading to a 10% increase in stock prices, reaching the highest level since March 2022.

The new Netflix plan, launched six months ago, offers a subscription at a lower price but includes advertising breaks during programming.

5 million users represent significant growth within a relatively short period of time. Back in March, there was news that after the first two months of the advertising subscription plan priced at $7 per month, there were 1 million active users per month.

Since multiple individuals can be active users on a monthly basis using the same subscription, the 5 million active subscribers reported by Netflix correspond to 2-3 million subscription accounts.

The platform ended the first quarter with a total of 232.5 million subscribers worldwide.

Акции Netflix выросли на 10% на буме нового плана подписки

Великобритания инвестирует $1,2 млрд в производство полупроводников

Великобритания объявила о поддержке своей полупроводниковой промышленности на сумму до $1,24 млрд, сообщает CNBC.

Инвестиции станут частью 20-летней стратегии, направленной на обеспечение поставок микросхем и защите от угроз национальной безопасности. Стратегия включает ряд мер, направленных на развитие собственного сектора производства чипов в Великобритании, снижение риска сбоев в цепочке поставок и защиту национальной безопасности.

Великобритания инвестирует $1,2 млрд в производство полупроводников

Итальянский антимонопольный орган обвинил Meta* в злоупотреблениях

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Итальянский антимонопольный орган обвинил Meta* в злоупотреблениях

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