Hedge SYS™



  • End-to-end transaction processing.
  • Completely automated conclusion of transactions of customers to interbank.
  • Minimal lot = 0.01 usd.
  • 10+ Banks liquidity for Ester Holdings provide more than 10 of the world’s leading banks – market makers, including Barclays, Citibank, Credit Swiss, Commerzbank, GS, HSBC Bank, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS Bank, Nomura Bank и Lucid Markets.
  • High speed of execution of transactions, including at large volumes.
  • Anonymity of requests to liquidity providers: they do not know where the limit and stop orders of customers are located and can not affect their execution.
  • No restrictions on trading strategies: comfortable trading on news (due to fixed spread – no expansion).
  • The possibility of using any automatic trading advisors.
  • Fixed spread.
  • Bonus programs.
  • Deposit program.
  • Recommended for beginning traders.
  • The spread is from 0 pt.
  • Minimal lot = 0.01 usd.
  • Best execution of orders.
  • Limit and stop levels = 0.
  • End to end automate the output of transactions to the vendor.
  • 200+ top-tier financial institutions (Bank of America, Banco do Basil, Citigroup Inc, Mizuho Financial Group, NBAD, Raiffeisen Bank, Türkiye Finans, UBS, Wells Fargo).
  • Recommended for scalping strategies.
  • The newest server technologies have the highest performance and allow customers to enter transactions with high speed and minimal delays.
  • The possibility of using any automatic trading advisors.
  • Recommended for professional traders