Account Insurance

Service “Account Insurance”»

Account Insurance is a special system developed by Ester. The capabilities of this system is to avoid the risk of losing balance on your account. In the course of trading very often unforeseen situations occur, from which no one is immune, our system will allow you to secure yourself.

The program for the trader will be the main key to safe trading. The robot, which will monitor the account, today has made great progress in technology, so for him, “cold” calculation is the first step for insurance. The presented program can be safely called personal impartial assistant of the trader. The robot is devoid of human emotions. The robot carries out careful monitoring of potential losses precisely at those moments when the trader loses the ability to soberly assess the situation and under the pressure of greed or fear breaks the trading strategy and as a result makes mistakes and incurs losses.

Percentage of the deposit the adjustable amount of risk in absolute value
Pause mode when the insurance mode is activated, the account goes into the viewing mode, the trade will be restored after the request
Trust management guarantee of compliance with risk management by a trader under trust management

Robot in automatic mode:

Guarantee of investment safety Guarantee of investment safety
Protection of investor interests in trust management Protection of investor interests in trust management
Trader trades, robot insures Trader trades, robot insures
Stopping trades in cases of insurance level Stopping trades in cases of insurance level

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