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Some traders start trading having no idea about laws of the market, strategies and techniques of trading, and in 80% of cases during 3-4 months they loose their deposit. This is because their operations are based only on luck, and luck is unsteady. Start your way in the world of trading from bases, and slowly but steadily get your first income thanks to acquired knowledge. Trade thoughtfully, profitably and without losses.

Procedure for conduct

  • Introductory course for new users (allows to get acquaint with the term financial market, its main laws, as well as with a specific market functioning)
  • Course description:Class No.1: General idea of financial marketsClass No.2 : Foreign currency market;Class No. 3: Stock market.*Term time: by preliminary agreement

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  • General concept of financial markets
  • Currency market
  • Stock market
  • Case study analysis
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