Фондовые индексы и их влияние на евро: рынок Европейского союза

Stock indices: European Union

Earlier, we considered the main stock indices of the USA and their impact on the American currency. In this article we will talk about the stock indices of the EU or the euro area.

Stock indices of the euro area

Since the members of the eurozone are 19 countries, the indices of these countries can also be regarded as the stock indices of the eurozone. But due to a considerable number of circumstances, not all of them win back a significant influence on the euro.

It is customary to take into account national indices of those countries, which have the strongest economy. Therefore, when analyzing the stock indices of the euro area, first of all pay attention to the stock indices of such countries as: Germany, France, Italy and Spain. At the same time, the economic locomotive of the eurozone is Germany. And mainly on its indicators rely on the analysis of the eurozone’s economy.

DAX– is the main stock index of Germany. Which includes the 30 largest companies of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

CAC 40 – the index representing companies of France and includes 40 companies.

FTSE MIB – the stock index of Italy, representing 40 companies. It is traded on the Italian stock exchange.

IBEX 35 – the stock index of Spain, which includes 35 companies. It is traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Since the EU is a conglomerate of countries, there are also some composite indices that include shares of various countries in the eurozone.

EuroStoxx 50 – the eurozone stock index, which combined 50 companies from 12 eurozone countries with high capitalization.

EuroStoxx 600 – the eurozone stock index, which combined 60 companies from 18 countries of the euro area with medium and low capitalization.

Correlation of the eurozone’s stock indices

As in stock markets and US indices, due to technical features, the eurozone’s stock indices also have a high degree of correlation. Thus simplifying the forecasts of the dynamics of shares on some trading platforms.

Concerning the correlation of the euro with stock indices, in most cases it is direct. What is also an excellent leading indicator for trading on the euro.

EUR / USD pair and the stock indices (Euro Stoxx 50 – blue line, CAC40 – green line, DAX – red line) chart


Anton Hanzenko

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