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U.S. housing market slows down

  • Existing home sales (m/m) (September), fact -2.2%, forecast -0.7%.
  • Existing home sales (Sep), fact 5.38M, forecast 5.45M.

Sales in the US secondary housing market slowed more than expected and surpassed the growth of last month. And given the weak data on new home sales in the US in September, concerns about a slowdown in the US real estate market look more significant.

Fig. 1. Sales in the secondary housing market in the United States

The US dollar slowed growth on the correction on weak real estate data, indicating a slowdown in the upward correction and the potential for the resumption of decline. So, the US dollar index is limited by the level of 97.50-60, from which a reversal can be expected with a further decrease.

Fig. 2.The US dollar index chart. Current price – 97.40 (10-year US government bonds yield – blue line)

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