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U.S. and Canada data

  • NY Empire State Industrial Activity Index (September) in the USA, fact 2.00, forecast 4.00.
  • Volume of foreign investment in securities of Canada (July),  fact of -1.17V,  previous value -3.98V.

General dynamics of the market remains restrained, which is associated with an increase in negative sentiment to exacerbate tensions in the Middle East. Against the backdrop of a rapid increase in oil prices on fears of lower supply, risks escalated, which, in the first place, supported the US dollar.

The US dollar index strengthened significantly against a basket of major competitors during the day. As a result, it stepped back from the last Friday lows and tested a significant resistance of 98.50, finding himself in a noticeable overbought, but confirming the formation of an upward reversal.

Fig. US dollar index chart. Current price – 98.40 (10-year US government bonds yield – blue line)

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