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Сourse “Start”
2 weeks
Number of lectures
Practical training
Individual practice
1 day
Course Description

The course “Start” it is clear algorithms to start trading, practical knowledge that will be used during the course. The course is divided into five blocks, each block is divided into modules. This practice allows you to obtain information and practical knowledge on each tool or technology that is used in the world of trading. You can use algorithms and practices after the second module and ask questions immediately to the practitioners who training You.

Form of learning
Full-time or online
Learning time
Is agreed with the teacher
Is issued to everybody after graduation
Course program
1 day
"Trading on the Exchange"
What will get the client: a unique knowledge of the basic principles of market analysis for earning with minimal risk Introductory part.
The purpose and the goal of this training course
Description of an investment activity
Who is a trader and how does he earn?
Trading on the news as one of the methods of risk-free trading on the stock exchange
News that changes the trends (GDP,% rate, inflation, unemployment, speeches of the heads of the Central Bank, retail sales)
News that gives strength to the trend (business activity index, monetary aggregates, construction applications)
Results (what news to pay attention on mostly)
2 day
"Trading on the news"
What will get the client: a formed trading system, with which you can earn money in financial markets, regardless of knowledge, experience, time.
Economic calendar (how to use it)
Triggers (as the basic principle of trading on the news)
Basic rules for profitable trading on news
Introduction to the ERSTE NEWS program
Demonstration of Erste News results
3 day
Trading terminal MT4 and ERSTE NEWS
What will get the client: knowledge of how to manage capital, with a yield of 25% per month per month with minimal time spent
The main functionality of the MT 4 program
The main functionality of the Erste News program
Calendar of upcoming trades
Risk management and Money Management
How to close deals to trade with profit
Options for using Erste News (asset, liability
4 day
Personal account of the client and features of working there
What will get the client: tools and services for creating an investment portfolio with a stable income
Registration of a personal account and opening a trading account
Self - trading as a parallel perspective for future growth. Demonstration of statistics
Service Tandem and how it works. Demonstration of statistics
Trading signals and how to work on them. Demonstration of statistics
The uniqueness and advantages of the deposit program
Affiliate program as an additional source of passive income
VIP programs
Questions and debriefing
5 day
Individual consultation
What will get the client: the start of successful trading on the exchange
Johnson Mason
It is still better to step on a rake once, but in the end find your reliable broker than to make a mistake and give up. After an unsuccessful attempt to trade in the financial market, I learned about Ester Holdings, and even though I read a lot of good things about them, I still didn’t dare to trade again. I was offered to take a course immediately before starting some kind of trading, and not like other brokers. Over time, I decided for myself that another attempt for a small amount would not make me worse. So I want to tell you that trading with EsterHoldings is the real trading! Besides the obvious convenience, I really enjoy the atmosphere in the company and how selflessly the employees work.
Brown Liam
The course is excellent and most importantly do not impose that you need to start trading immediately. I was prepared for different situations and I only after passing the course learned that trade can be profitable.
How to book a course
To leave an application on the site
What can I do after this course
Start self-trading
When does the classes start
Every Monday
Will I be able to consult with the teacher during training
After training
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