Instructions for use Erste News

The Erste News platform registers your application on the Broker’s server and, at the time of the actual news release, opens a deal for you with the specified instrument with the volume that you installed in this platform.

The signal to buy or sale is formed by the partner analytical division Alfa-NT and through the Software Erste News
is sent as an order on your behalf from your trading account for execution directly to the liquidity provider.
This technical solution allows you to execute your order at a rate of 300 – 500 ms and gives you the opportunity to make a profit with a probability of 99%.

Installing Erste News

Step 1

  • In your personal account, you make an Order for Trade on the news and receive an Activation letter with Access and Platform.
  • Log in using the Login and Password from the activation letter. Trading signals open transactions on the trading account of the corresponding login.

Step 2

  • Study the schedule of upcoming traded news for the current week in the News Calendar tab.

  • The upper panel contains a timer with the countdown to the next news.

  • 1 hour before the news comes out, registration of applications for trade begins. For 1 minute ends.

Step 3

  • To participate in the trading process, register the Application.
  • To register an application, use the button – New request.
  • Choose the tool and the amount corresponding to your deposit.
  • You can register an unlimited number of applications.

  • Registered applications appear in the Request list window. They can be deleted.

  • 1 minute before the traded news – Freeze time. You can not add or remove an application.

  • In the event that you lose connection (Internet) or you close the platform (the connection to the server is broken), your application is canceled. In order to delete the application during freezing, you need to completely close the platform.

Step 4

  • In news release in the column RESULT- is displayed either the trading signal that triggered BUY / Sell, or No Trade.
  • If the signal is No Trade, nothing happens. All orders for the traded news are automatically deleted within 5 minutes.

  • If BUY / Sell signal is closed, close your deal in the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.