Procter&Gamble дал заработать! Разбор инвестиционной идеи июня.

Procter & Gamble gave an opportunity to earn! Analysis of the investment idea of ​​June.

The investment idea: “The consumer giant brings a huge profit!” has fully justified itself. And those who connected to the investment idea of ​​Procter & Gamble in early June, has already earned. The results of this idea can be found on the link. Due to technical problems, it wasn’t possible to provide the statement report, but the entry points and goals fully justified themselves, which is confirmed by the expectations from the idea.

Let’s consider more detailed entry points, working off and closing of the transaction on shares Procter & Gamble.

Transaction Entry

Technically, the direct entry into the deal on strengthening the shares of Procter & Gamble fell at the beginning of May, as indicated by the start of the development of the bullish divergence at D1 and the exit of the Stoch zone of overselling on the W1 timeframe. The main factor confirming the entry into the purchase was the return of shares in the general upward trend, which can be traced from the beginning of 2009. Also, an additional signal was the price return above the Fibo level. 38.2 (75.20-30) from the low of 2009 to the maximum of 2017.


Fig. 1. Shares of Procter & Gamble chart

Transaction’s working off

The first conservative share target was achieved quickly, 7 days after the official launch of the idea. This was due to the closing of the gap in April. After the DowJons 30 index, which includes shares of P & G, fell under the pressure of risks. As a result, these stocks were not able to come out of the correction. Influence on the index and the US stock market continue to provide fundamental risks associated with the trade confrontation of the United States, which became the reason for the manual closing of the transaction on shares.


Fig. 2.  DowJones index 30 chart

Transaction’s closing 

As stated earlier, fundamental factors influenced on the dynamics of shares and the entire index, that forced to close the deal manually, without waiting for the second target in the range of 80.50-82.30.

It is worth noting that the potential to achieve these levels remains, but due to the growing risks may be longer than expected. Also, we shouldntt discard the expansion of the trading range in May or June. It is also worth noting that P & G shares have come from a downward wave and are traded in an upward trend of the rising wave.

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Anton Hanzenko

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