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The main market drivers

By the end of the day, the US dollar accelerated the growth against major competitors. The reason for the growth of the American dollar was the general optimism and risks of the general parliamentary elections in Great Britain. This increased political risks in Europe and put a significant pressure on the British pound. It is also worth noting data on business activity in Europe.

As a result, the US dollar index updated the August high at 99.10, actually limiting itself to the overall overbought, which was intensified by reduced activity by the end of the day. Significant resistance for the American dollar continues to be levels 99.20-30. Support is located at 98.90 and 98.70, the test of which is possible on the correction and resumption of activity in the market.

Fig. The US dollar index chart. Current price – 99.10 (10-year US government bonds yield – blue line)

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