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Analysis of the past day

On Thursday, trading on the foreign exchange market was very volatile, which was connected with the publication of statistics on business activity in the eurozone and the USA and with the statements of the German chancellor in support of the Brexit deal. Such a statement supported the pound. Negative sentiment in the US-China trade relations also resumed amid declining Chinese yuan.

Stock indices closes with a decline at the end of the day due to increased risks of renewed tension in the US-China trade war. (Nikkei 225 +0.05; DAX -0.60; FTSE 100 -1.30; Dow 30 -0.20)

The US dollar index in volatile trading closes the day with a decline, limiting to support 98.20-10. The main limiting factor for the further decline of the American dollar is the expectation of a symposium in Jackson Hole, which can clarify the further monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve.

Fig. The US dollar index chart. Current price – 98.20 (10-year US government bonds yield – blue line)

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