Трамп VS Россия. Статус отношений: "всё сложно". Антон Ганзенко.

Trump VS Russia. The status of the relationship: “Everything is complicated.” Anton Hanzenko.

Relations between the US and Russia have always been tense and ambiguous, but recently this confrontation has acquired a very new context, which in no small way affects global markets. For the moment, we will analyze specifically: Trump VS Russia.

Trump and Russia in recent weeks

With the coming to power of President D. Trump and the Republicans, relations between the United States and Russia began to be called: relations between the White House or the Trump administration and Russia, thereby emphasizing the lack of agreement in actions and attitudes towards Russia.

Since the beginning of the election campaign, Trump was positioned as a pro-Russian candidate and this was not once confirmed in the connections of his business, family and electoral company with Russia. At the beginning of the presidential term, this resulted in a political crisis in the United States, but it did not reach impeachment.

The new wave of Trump’s accusation of excessive loyalty to Russia began to manifest itself after the postponement of new US sanctions against Russia. So, on Sunday, April 15, at the UN summit, US representative Nikki Haley made clear about the new sanctions against Russia. But on April 16, the sanctions did not follow, and the chairman of the White House, the head of the National Economic Council under the US President, Lawrence Kadlow, said that Haley is ahead of events and something mixed up.

Later, D. Trump, in a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida, said that new sanctions on Russia would be applied “when it deserved them.” Trump also added that no one was so cruel to Russia, which caused a wave of criticism in the media about the Trump administration’s indecision and soft politics.

Dynamics of the pair USD/RUB

Trump tries to “sit on two chairs”

It is worth noting that the response to the application of sanctions was more acute than the armed conflict in Syria, which could trigger retaliatory aggression. This also indicates the unwillingness to take sanctions and the unexpectedness of such actions on the part of the Trump administration. It is also worth noting that the very spontaneous abolition of a new wave of sanctions increased the correction.

One gets the impression that Trump tries to adhere to the longstanding policy of confrontation between the US and Russia, while demonstrating very soft rhetoric towards the Kremlin. What was worth only personal congratulating Trump Putin on winning the presidential election.

This ambiguous policy of the White House on the Kremlin reinforces the negative attitude towards the Trump administration, not only the opposition, but also in the world community. This can eventually provoke a new wave of political crisis in the US and, as a result, resume negative sentiments about the US dollar.

Anton Hanzenko

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