Топ 5 книг по трейдингу. Читайте и прогрессируйте!

Top 5 books on trading. Read and progress!

Trading is a very specific and interesting business, requiring a large amount of unique knowledge that can be drawn from special resources, such as the Trader’s Blog. In this case books are a more classic source of information.

There are myriad books on stock trading, which deserve attention. But due to the limited free time, not everyone has the opportunity to master even a part of that useful information, not to mention reading them all. Therefore, this article will tell about the Top 5 books on trading, which will greatly save your time in studying this science.

This top is divided into topics:

  • technical analysis,
  • fundamental analysis
  • money management
  • and semi-autobiography of an investment bank employee.

As the book opens with a cover, and the development of trade in financial markets begins with a technical analysis. Therefore, in this top, two books are devoted to technical analysis, which are equal in importance.

  1. D. Schwager “Technical Analysis. Full course”

This book is based on practical experience and the knowledge described in it was used in the management of millions of assets. And, as the author of this book himself says, it contains the tools, but not the architecture of the project. The reader will have to find himself applying the gained knowledge.

       2. A. Elder “How to play and win at the stock exchange”

This book teaches you to be a disciplined player, avoiding emotional mistakes. The author relies in his book on three postulates: individual psychology, a clear system and control of capital.

Fundamental analysis takes no less significant place in the trade. At the same time, fundamental analysis, unlike technical analysis, may seem to some people more difficult and ambiguous.

      3. L. Kolmykova “Fundamental analysis of financial markets”

In this book, the author actually gives a guide to action, where she describes the effects of various fundamental factors on different assets. It gives a very detailed description of the market expectations and psychological aspects.

Money management is the most important topic of trading. Because it does not matter how much you can earn, if you could not save a profit.

       4. R. Wins “Mathematics of Money Management: Risk Analysis Methods for Traders and Portfolio Managers”

A very useful book, which should be viewed as an instruction for money management. This book provides clear concepts for risk management and money management.

Semi-autobiography of an employee of an investment bank, who will give an idea of ​​the work of a large bank

       5. M. Lewis “Poker Liars”

This book will be significantly different from previous ones, while giving a very clear picture of the backstage life of an investment bank.

Anton Hanzenko


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