Результаты президентства Трампа (1/1). Антон Ганзенко.

Trump presidency results. Part 1.

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a very ambiguous candidature. The president has an ambiguous reputation because of the disgraceful nature and loud statements. At the same time, Trump is the richest US president in history. The fact that he remains a man of business makes him very popular in some circles.

Trump’s popularity, starting with the election campaign, where he was judged to lose more time, remains very low during different periods of presidency, and some researchers call it the lowest in the last 70 years. At the same time, for ordinary US citizens Trump is associated with a very stable economic situation and the lack of terrorist attacks, which is saying a lot, if not everything.

The popularity of Trump’s candidacy during the presidential elections and before the elections to the Senate remains very low, as well as his popularity in the camp of the Republicans he manages.

Despite the wave of skepticism towards President Trump, his promises are more likely to be fulfilled or are being actively implemented in reality.

Tax cuts

This is the most fundamental and clearly fulfilled campaign promise of Trump, that has already been forgotten. But it is worth noting that this law passed both chambers of Congress very easily and became very beneficial for ordinary US citizens. First of all, the companies benefited from this bill, which reduced their tax expenses. But also many companies free assets sent to salaries.

As a result, the indicator of the population’s disposable income has significantly increased, which, as a result, will indicate an increase in consumer prices.

Fig. 1. Population’s disposable income chart in the United States.

Fig. 2. CPI  chart in the USA.


At the same time, a rise in consumer prices indicates an increase in consumption, which allows the US Federal Reserve to adhere to a tight monetary policy of raising interest rates.

Return of manufacturing in the USA

As a result of the trade confrontation against China, trade relations between other major US partners were revised. If the US-China trade partnership is a difficult and highly controversial issue, then the US relationship with its neighbors and Europe has been revised in favor of the US.

Thanks to this policy, the unemployment rate in the United States has fallen to 1970 levels.

Fig. 3. Unemployment chart in the United States.


Trump’s policy of returning production to the United States and a trade confrontation has caused a significant increase in capital flow, which has risen to the highs of the past 10 years.

Fig. 4. Capital flow chart.


Fears continue to be caused by a trade deficit in the United States, which remains near the opening level of the year, but at the same time markedly reduced growth rates.

Fig. 5. The  US trade balance chart.


The results of the Trump presidency do not end there. The next article we will continue to talk about the actions of Trump as president of the United States.

Anton Hanzenko


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