Recommendation on installation of MetaTrader for Mac OC

Customer terminal can be installed and used on computers with operational system Mac OS with the help of Wine. Wine — is freely distributed software, allowing for users of Unix-like systems to run applications, developed for use in systems Microsoft Windows. Among others there is also version Wine for Mac OS.

Wine is not absolutely stable product. That means , that not all functions of the run application can work in proper way.

To install on Mac OS we recommend to use freely distributed creation PlayOnMac. PlayOnMac — is a software on the base of Wine, allowing to install Windows-applications in the system Mac OS easily.

Installation of PlayOnMac

Step 1

  • To install PlayOnMac, open the official site of the product, move to the part Downloads and click link of downloading of the last version. (see scheme 1).

Step 2

  • After you downloaded the installation packet DMG, run it from the part Downloads of your system.

Step 3

  • After the window of the first run appears PlayOnMac. After pressing the button «Onward» the installer will start check and installation of different components necessary for work.

Step 4

  • The first from necessary for work components is XQuartz. This is a software for using the window system X Window System in Mac OS. X Window System provides standard tools and protocols for building the graphic interface of user in UNIX-like ОС.

Step 5

  • If XQuartz is already installed or you want on your own to install it later, select point «Don’t install XQuartz for the moment» or «I’ve downloaded file by myself» accordingly.
  • Installation of XQuartz is being conducted in several stages. On first stages it is necessary to read an important information (Read Me) and agree with the license conditions.

Step 6

  • ⦁ Before the beginning of the installation it is necessary to put the password of your user account in the security system Mac OS.

Step 7

  • Wait for installation completion. To put the changes into force, it is necessary to reload a computer.

Step 8

  • After reloading the system, run again PlayOnMac from the installation file in file Downloads. You will be again greeted by the window of the first installation. At that time the installer will suggest to install font MS Windows, which are also necessary for correct work.

Step 9

  • Agree with the conditions of license agreement and wait the installation completion. After that PlayOnMac is ready for use, you will see its main window.