Investment ideas of January! It’s time to make money!

Dear Clients!

Monthly leading experts of Ester company create Investment ideas  for you.

Investment ideas – these are one-off investments that do not require the investor to take active actions and deep knowledge of the trade. Usually the investment period is up to three months.

Experts analyze the market in detail, find outstanding events and draw scenarios for the development of market sectors. As a result, a detailed plan of the idea is formed – what, when and why it is worth buying or selling in order to make profit.

There are a lot of plans for January and we have already launched 2 ready-made investment ideas:

  1. “Beat the profit record with the new heights of Apple”. Find out more about this idea.
  2. “Buying Merck & Co. shares on recovery”. Find out more about this idea.

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In front of you a guideline for earnings!

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