Стратегия торговли на новостях Erste News VS Другие технологии

The trading strategy on the news Erste News VS Other technologies!

Let’s look at the ways of trading on the news and compare them.

Manual Trading

How it works?

Trader himself sets two pending orders for buying and selling for 2-3 seconds before the publication of news. This makes it possible to catch a strong movement in one direction or another.


  • No special knowledges and technology are needed.


  • Both pending orders can work and the trader will receive a minus more than a plus.
  • Pending orders are placed 2-3 seconds before the news – speed and accuracy.
  • Human factor.

Automatic trading. Trade in the clicker.

How it works?

The trader uses the program generator of news trading signals – clicker. Clicker trades on its own, sends a request for sale or purchase with the release of the actual news.


  • The human factor is minimized.
  • No special knowledges are needed


  • Buy a clicker and pay a subscription fee, regardless of the results of the trades.
  • The execution time of the transaction from a click to an open order can be significantly increased due to the remoteness of the trader’s computer from the broker’s servers and liquidity providers.

High-speed trade on the news with ErsteNews.

How it works?

The trader uses the platform ErsteNews, which trades independently on high-frequency communication channels. The trader sends an order to open the deal before the news. The platform algorithm determines the type of the Buy or Sell dear and instantly opens the Order at the time of the fact output. The trader has a significant advantage of frontrunning execution by placing a Trader’s application in the same data center where the liquidity providers are located.

Service ErsteNews in advance sends you a notification
about the release of the nearest news.

You make an application for trades through ErsteNews on the news,
on which you want to earn.

At the time of news, the service conducts analytics and opens a deal
in the right direction.

You follow the open deal on your MT4 screen and see,
as the profit grows.

When the income suits you,
You close the deal and get money on the account.


News relevanceErsteNews equipment is located near the news data centers: the service provides the most up-to-date data and opens transactions with an accuracy of 99%.
Up to 15% profit for 20-40 seconds.Usual trade indicators on the trading on news with ErsteNews, thanks to which the phrase "The minimum time for the deal, the maximum profit" will become your motto.
No special training.No exhausting and long-term training courses for trading: after studying the instructions, even a beginner will be able to trade on the news in 2 hours.
Work without attachment to the place.You can get a reliable source of additional income, regardless of the current work and geographical location.
An ideal tool for earning.Unlimited opportunities to create or expand a ready-made business and profitable investments, allowing you to earn up to 70% of the profit every month.
High degree security.ErsteNews is a professional analytical service with a high degree of accuracy, equipped with a conflict prevention system.
Low cost
($ 20 per transaction).
ErsteNews is low cost of work with high results. The payment for using the service is made only after receiving a profit.


  • Want more news.

Watch the video of real trading with the help of the trade service on the news of Erste News from the moment of the register an application for the trades to the profit taking.

We recommend that you order a consulting service specialist and act!


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