Active trading

To participate in the loyalty program from the company Ester Holdings Inc., you need to open a new trading account, or replenish the existing one.


The minimum deposit amount must be at least 10,000 (ten thousand) USD.
25% is charged monthly at the rate of 2.08% for the full month, in which the account was funds and traded. For an incomplete month, there is no charge.
Interest is charged to the Equity account for the last day of the reporting month. Amount Equity = free funds on the account (credit + deposit in the current month). The Equity received on the account in the reporting month are not involved in the calculation.
If the client withdraws any funds from the account or closes the account in the reporting month – interest on the account is not accrued.
Interest is accrued on the account, in the case when transactions with the amount of more than 2 (two) complete lots for each 1000 free funds were made from it. If there is a bonus on the account, the lot calculation takes into account the bonus.
Conditions for withdrawal of funds from the account: if the interest is accrued, the funds can be withdrawn.
In parallel with this bonus program there are other actions of Ester Holdings Inc.
This service is valid only for accounts of type forex & crypto.