Рассмотрим 3 основные ошибки начинающих трейдеров

3 major mistakes of traders-beginners

A topic that always remains relevant for any trader is mistakes and possibilities of overcoming them. At first glance, they are obvious and highly predictable, but due to circumstances or many other factors you catch yourself thinking “Oh, favorite rake,  long time no see” A person, perhaps, is  the only being who could learn from the mistakes of others, but prefers to try it himself (maybe even several times), and then draw conclusions (or not).

Let’s start with the most common mistakes of traders-beginners

No system or no trading strategy

The notion of the absence of a trading system, in the first place, is to determine the trading rules that every trader must adhere to, from beginner to experienced. So, in the chaotic trade, even the most successful trader will lose money.

Therefore, each trader should have at least several key rules that will limit it in certain situations. For example:

  • Follow the trading strategy, look for additional evidence of the rightness of their expectations from the market in other signals or sources. This will allow to look at this situation from a slightly different angle.
  • Check your actions and do not let everything flow by itself. Sometimes simple mistakes can be very expensive. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to double-check everything.
  • Do not trade without a predetermined trading plan and clear signals. Every action of a trader must be justified by his trading strategy.

Trading without a systematic approach and a trading strategy, which can be quite simple at the beginning, is doomed to failure in advance.


Money management implies reasonable risks that should increase with experience. Many novice and experienced traders, in attempts to make a quick profit, completely ignore the risks, for which they end up paying huge losses.

Trader’s money management is a kind of correlation between deposit, trading volumes, risks and profits. So, even with an equally successful trading strategy, not competent use of trading volumes leads to a complete drain of the deposit.

Lack of flexible trading strategy

Any market is highly volatile. So, even a proven trading strategy over time can significantly reduce trading efficiency. This is due to changes in the market.

Therefore, it is always worth improving the existing strategy, constantly adapting it to market conditions. It has long been known that the Grail doesn’t exist, as there is no cure for all diseases and a trading strategy for all conditions and for all times.

Therefore, never stop developing trading skills with new strategies and recommendations that, at a minimum, can broaden your horizons or, at maximum, bring profit.

Make fewer mistakes, and if you have already made them, apply as much as possible to become better with their help and not to repeat them in the future.

Anton Hanzenko

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