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Eurozone economic sentiment data

  • ZEW Current Economic Index in Germany (Sept), fact -19.9, forecast -15.0.
  • ZEW Economic Sentiment Index in Germany (September), fact -22.5, forecast -38.0.
  • ZEW Economic Sentiment Index (Sep), fact -22.4, forecast -37.4.

Economic sentiment in Germany and the eurozone unexpectedly showed a decline in pessimism in economic circles. This can be regarded as the consequences of reducing the tension in the trade war and the risks of a tough Brexit.

Fig. 1. ZEW economic sentiment index chart in Germany

Despite the growth of optimism in the economic circles of the eurozone, these statistics did not actually affect the dynamics of the euro. The euro is trading very restrained, forming lateral dynamics against the US dollar from 1.0990-80 to 1.1040-50.

Fig. 2.  EUR/USD chart. Current price – 1.1010

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