What is Tandem Account

Tandem-account is a trading account consisting of one or several managed accounts, which in their totality represent a single trading structure, the trade within which leads the Tandem-trader.If there are several managed accounts in one Tandem account, then the trading platform treats them as a whole.

How does the tandem account work?

Everything is extremely simple: the profits, losses accumulated on the Tandem account are divided proportionally between the Investors’ accounts.

Opening a Tandem account is very beneficial for Investors, since the latter have a real opportunity to make a profit without making any trading operations on their account and not delving into the subtleties of the science of investing. A Tandem account and a Tandem trader that receives remuneration for performing operations for managing the Investor’s accounts are eligible. To select the optimal version of the Tandem Account, the investor should first familiarize himself with their rating and evaluate the effectiveness of the trading of Managers.

The Tandem Account Rating is presented by public Tandem accounts that meet the following requirements:

  • The tandem trader was registered at least a month ago;
  • Registration data were verified and confirmed by the Ester Holdings;
  • The capital of a Tandem trader is not less than a certain predetermined amount

By default, Tandem accounts are ranked according to their profitability over the past 6 months. Ratings can be conducted on the following parameters:

  • Level of return per month;
  • The amount on the account;
  • Maximum drawdown;
  • Number of days of trade;
  • Transactions with the level of risk;
  • The number of investors assigned to the Tandem trader.